My-Studio provides a fully integrated design, decoration and project management service informed by our expertise in space planning, furniture & fittings, materials & detailing, art & antiques. lighting and dressing.

We start by looking and listening. Then we come back with ideas.

How we execute those ideas depends on what you need and who’s already on board – we play nicely with architects, builders, contractors and suppliers.



Here are the kinds of things we can do for you: 

Space planning – to turn space and light into luxury

Sourcing – finding the perfect contemporary and antique furniture and fittings for your scheme (and getting you the trade discount)

Technical design & drawing – to create that bespoke piece that nobody else has

Project Management  from groundworks through to the final styling, we move the stress from your shoulders to our spreadsheets

Supplier management – we look after the builders and trades people to keep everything on track and on plan

Styling – to add that playful, confident, luxurious touch (we don’t do beige)

Full design and build – bringing in the right architects and builders if you need a reco

This should be fun.

Creating new spaces for your life should be one of the most exciting things you ever do.

Because we’ve done it so many times, we can guide you around the pitfalls and protect you from snobs and bullies who put their own agenda above yours.

We love working with clients and fellow professionals to create something special. If you’re smiling, we’re on the right track.