How to light your sitting room

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How to light your sitting room

Today, it’s all about lighting.

Well, sitting room lighting to be more precise.
What makes good sitting room lighting?

It’s the first thing on our clients lighting brief to us. You need a well planned lighting design to counteract the dark and dreary corners that are the bane of the typical London townhouse.

So how to achieve it?

Layer your light – a cool vintage pendant for general light, some table lamps for mid level light, a contemporary floor lamp for task lighting. As I always say a zillion times, more layers, more interest.

Flexible light – the sitting room is probably the most social room in the home, so control the lighting on separate, dimmable circuits. Put all your table lamps on a 5 amp ring main so you can turn off from a central switch. [I should also say while we’re on the subject, I avoid styling table lamps so that they are symmetrical. Far too beige…]

Light up the centre – this is what most people forget to do, creating a dark spot right where light should be. Add floor sockets under furniture to bring in light.

Downlights – these are the best friend of the minimalist as the clutter of decorative fittings may seem too much. Use them as accent lights on walls, artworks and beautiful objects. And arrange on the perimeter of the room and avoid, avoid avoid setting out in a grid [unless you like living in an office].

Task lighting – I often have fun with task lights – something floor standing, vintage, adjustable, over scaled,  totally bright and bold. For reading Elle Decoration comfortably obvs…

Finally – don’t forget fire and candles for the twinkly, kinetic light.


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  1. Hello clare, thanks for stopping by at my joyoflittlethings blog. I love your articles – aren’t those serge mouille lights in the top picture here amazing?

  2. Hello annemarie, yes the Mouille lights are amazing. Would also look great in red.
    Love your work by the way.
    I was at Interior Design School with Iris, Amanda & team and saw your work featured on their fab new website. It’s great they are getting so much gd PR.

    • Ah you are an IDS graduate too! yes loved their course…Looking forward to seeing some of your work featured on your blog!

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