A luxe interior – how to get one with light

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A luxe interior – how to get one with light


I often talk to my clients about how they define luxury.

The answer they come back with is that space for them is luxury, or maybe a cashmere blanket, or a vintage piece of furniture that is beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit in.

The first thing I think about when designing a space is lighting. For me, designing an interior that ‘feels’ amazing is the ultimate luxury.

If you get lighting wrong a scheme will never work, no matter how great everything else looks. Lighting is such an easy way to give your interior some luxury by creating the right ‘feeling’ through light, and in particular with the drama of hanging a pendant light.

My go-to lighting designer when designing a luxe residential scheme is Michael Anastassiades. His light fittings give the right balance of luxe and minimalism and seem to float elegantly in the space.


I often take clients to his new workshop to look at the light fittings, it’s a minimalist space with just the right amount of wamth with simple mahogany wood flooring and wall panelling on the banks of the river Thames. So that’s what I will be doing today.

Happy Tuesday.

Clare x


  1. You are so right. Getting lighting right transforms a space. Pendant lights in the middle of a room are the least interesting way to illuminate a space making the room appear flat. I try to move pendant lights or chandeliers to the corners of a room, and add interesting wall/ mood lighting. I wish we had good lighting shops in Edinburgh but sadly what’s on offer here’s so poor interior stylists and designers like myself resort to designing our own which is infinitely more fun.

    • I have the very same pendant dilemma on my current project. Client doesn’t want a suspended ceiling so we can’t install downlights and the pendant is slap bang in the middle of the room. I think it will be looped so it sits interestingly off centre somewhere.

      I know Glasgow and Edinburgh very well. GOODD is a fab place to shop.

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