Bathroom design

Bathrooms – gone are the days of a white metro tile no-nonsense clinical space where function ruled supreme. Now our clients demand personality in their bathroom designs.

It might sound unconventional, but when it comes to bathrooms, design and style them like you would other rooms in your home.

Here are some design ideas so your bathroom is an inspirational place where you want to linger.

Polished plaster
For this contemporary farmhouse project we used Tadelakt polished plaster in the contemporary shower area and on all of the walls.

If you tile tile tile every living breathing surface it’s a sure-fire nail-on certainty that your bathroom is going to look and feel like a bathroom. The beautiful thing about Tadelakt plaster is that, aside from its lovely powdery-soft aesthetic, it’s 100% waterproof which means you can use it everywhere including showers and wet areas.

Creative tiling
Sometimes tiling sections of your bathroom is inevitable. After all it is the wettest space in the home and ceramic and porcelain are super durable.

We had a client recently who absolutely insisted on tiling the whole bathroom. So what to do to avoid a clinical look?

Design your tile arrangements so that they ressemble patterned walls to give a wallpaper effect, using tile layouts such as chevron, herringbone or small mosaics.

Choose tiles that have a soft and matt finish so that they almost appear painted. Avoid gloss or anything with a semi-sheen. If you go down this road remember matt tiles will need a sealant to finish them properly.

Max up your light fittings

Playing with proportions will mix up the vibe in your bathroom.
A large, oversize, decorative light fitting is exciting and unexpected.

Abigail Ahern

Even if decorative lights aren’t suitable for use in wet areas we can IP-rate them. (Anything to avoid the soul-crushingly drab bathroom lights on the market…)

So don’t feel restricted by beige IP-rated spotlights which are available everywhere. Play with some more unusual bathroom lights like these industrial-style ceiling mounted ones or contemporary glass pendants.

Art up your bathroom
Artworks in bathrooms are unexpected so adding one or two pieces will add that all important element of surprise.

Be relaxed about steam that might effect the print and use vintage or non-valuable artworks, and make sure frames are sealed well.

Vintage wall maps are also perfect here. Use creatively they will add drama.

One clever idea which we picked up from a hotel visit to Madrid is shown here. Design the maps into your shower screen. Choose something that has particular meaning for you.

Soft fabrics not hard finishes
If you ditch glass shower screens for linen shower curtains, place patterned rugs on the floor (rugs suitable for outdoor use are perfect here) and introduce texture through baskets for linen, bathroom instantly goes from clinical, hard-edged space to super cool. Try Balineum for great linen shower curtains, The White Company for weave baskets, and Garden Trading for outdoor rugs.



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