The art of bespoke interiors

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The art of bespoke interiors

How do you achieve an interior that no-one else has?

The mark of an interior that’s truly yours is designing bespoke pieces and watching wide-eyed as skilled contractors and craftsmen realise your ideas.

Then your home has contemporary designs unique to you to reflect your taste and lifestyle.

luxemburg interiors_10

Bespoke Nordic kitchen, design My-Studio Ltd

We’re not snooty about high street or off the peg – with the right eye there are beautiful things to be had. In our projects we mix vintage, bespoke and occasionally high street to create a style unique to your home.

So what are the things to think about when commissioning an original piece of joinery for your home?

Choose your style

We can help with this. 1950’s, mid century, Nordic-inspired, whatever your style use this as your starting point.

Function and form

Think about why you want to commission this piece – is it to hide some architectural detail in your home, is it because you can’t find what you want off the shelf to fit the dimensions of your room? Whether it’s a walk-in-wardrobe, a bespoke kitchen, bathroom vanity unit or cool home bar, function is key.

Plan, conceptualise, draw

We produce sketch and detail drawings from which our experienced team of suppliers draw up technical drawings. We think about materials and finishes. What’s the handle profile? Do you want a pop of colours inside your wardrobe interiors? We present samples of all materials – marble/wood/MDF/finishes to review in the studio. Arne was right – it’s about the detail.

Bespoke wardrobe with Farrow and Ball Gradient doors

Bespoke wardrobes with Farrow and Ball colour gradient, design by My-Studio Ltd

Choose your contractor/maker

We work with teams of trusted and highly skilled makers – joiners, cabinetmakers, kitchen crafters and contractors. We know and trust them so you don’t have to take on the risk.

Individually cut wood chevrons for a ‘falling’ chevron sliding room door, bespoke design by My-Studio Ltd

We love seeing our clients faces’ as the pieces come to life on site, keeping traditional and skilled craft skills alive, resulting in lots of unique contemporary design.


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