Not beige, not bling. What we hate about ‘luxury’ interiors

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Not beige, not bling. What we hate about ‘luxury’ interiors

I have designed ‘luxury’ interiors, in London and overseas.

But for all it’s apparent style and refinement, the look of ‘luxury’ is often one big disappointing style cliche of exclusivity.

With high-end luxury design and the big budgets that commands, we should expect fun, imagination and creativity. What we often get is beige, bland, bling.

Surely the job of the high end interior designer is to push the boundaries, to get us to want what we could never have imagined ourselves, to create original, exciting interiors which look like nothing else and give us what nobody else has.

Instead what we get is a predictable list of styling tricks

– Porta Romana lighting, (tick), beige leather fabric walling, (yawn), symmetrical furniture layout, (tick), overhead metal pendant with candles, (tick), upholstered furniture in a mix of plain and patterned beiges, (tick), silk or textured wallpaper (tick), walnut floors, (tick), I could go on.

It seems depressing that these ‘luxury’ interiors are so beige boring depressing.

For me, modern day luxury in our homes and spaces means bespoke, original, client-focused, comfortable, but at the same time delivered with imagination, edge, creativity and hard-to-find pieces.

Ilse Crawford

Soho House New York by Ilse Crawford

Modern luxury in interiors should also mean colour, and shouldn’t be afraid to be pared back if it wants to. Pieces can be expensive without the ‘bling’ look. But above all it shouldn’t be predictable.

We like to mix periods and scales, giving our clients’ interiors a quirky individualism.
We’re not afraid to put an Edward Wormley chair next to a Pastoe cabinet, or an African Beni rug next to contemporary mirrored surfaces.

Scottish lodge by Suzy Hoodless

Scottish lodge by Suzy Hoodless

We specify 20th century antiques from our trusted list of European dealers built up over many years, and mix with modern and contemporary furniture and accessories from the latest makers and manufacturers.

Our aim is to create a feeling of cosseted luxury that envelopes our spaces while keeping things visually exciting for discerning clients who want to live a little differently.

We need to invent new ways of interiors luxe.

Bathroom by Abigail Ahern

Luxury Boffi tap

Tap by Marcel Wanders

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