My-Studio – A snapshot of interior design value

People often ask us why we should hire an interior designer.

Well, all our clients have a one thing that brings us together – a love of lively, eclectic luxury style. But that’s not the only thing our clients rely on us to do. Here’s a little bit of insight into the extra value we bring to every relationship.

We’re Psychologists
We need to get into your mind. We have to figure out where and how you want to live. A good brief usually gives the right background information. But we know we’ve done a great job when we get deeper into unexpressed emotional desires. It’s a place clients struggle to find by themselves.


Bedroom interior design and styling by My-Studio Ltd

We’re Multi-Taskers
A good interior designer is a busy interior designer. We need to juggle complex projects without you seeing any hint of seam. A single day can mean a visit to a town house, an architect, a joiner, an upholsterer and a curtain maker. It’s a to-do list clients just don’t have time to tick off.

We’re Channel-Hoppers
The My-Studio team will hop in a van and head to the fairs of Belgium, France and beyond to get the furniture, objects and paintings that suit our clients lively and eclectic designs. On our last trip we came back with contemporary sofas, 1940’s tables, 1950’s Danish leather armchairs and Italian mirrors. It’s a shopping feat that takes research, bargaining and persistence to pull off.

Vintage 50's contemporary chandelier sourced from Germany

Vintage 50’s contemporary chandelier sourced from Germany

We’re Space-Police
We love space. We need space. But the temptation to fill the space is always there. That’s why we space plan to suit our clients lifestyle, to maximise resale values and set up scenes to make sure clients understand the life-affirming qualities of space. It’s a tangible vision that stops clear ideas becoming too busy and cluttered.

Sample boards and floorplans, client site meeting

Sample boards and floorplans, client site meeting

We’re Phone-Books
And a specialised one at that. We know the best suppliers to create original and bespoke pieces. It’s a world that you can’t pick out of the yellow pages without lots of hard-earned experience.

The end result is all about style. But hopefully this gives you an idea of how hard we’ll work to make it a great result.



We wrote this article for the Henry Stirling newsletter.

Henry Stirling is a London property search and aquisition company.

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