Materials – an interiors language

If interiors are designed considerately and with love they will make you feel good.

We put together a materials language for each and every interiors project.

Materials board

Materials board

Humans are drawn to materials. We like the touch and smell of things. Materials are compelling when you put them in context, when you try them out together and in situ on site.

Materials must be functional and luxurious. As humans we understand materials best by contrast – rough feels best against smooth. Marble against velvet.

As designers, we use materials to make your home feel good, to make you feel better when you arrive.

Halls are a great example of this. The hall is where you set the design tone for your whole house.

In this hall we designed for our Kensington client, we interrogated, empathised and worked together to create a materials language. The end result is a contemporary, warm, light space with a materials palette of wood, tadelakt polished plaster, brushed brass and glass.

We wanted to create a space the minute you walked in you relaxed, a home.

Not just a space that looks good (although that’s important too).

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