From luxe to contemporary – designing with marble

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From luxe to contemporary – designing with marble

Marble is the next big thing – that’s what the interiors trend forecasters are saying. As a material it’s always been classic and timeless.

So with the new applications in honed marble it’s seems more relevant now.

White Statutorio marble by Patricia Goijens

It’s always been one of our favourite materials to work with. For it’s beautiful patterns and tactility.

It can look contemporary.

Attimo stool by Marsotto

Attimo stool by Marsotto

It can look glamorous.

Bathroom project for Suzy Hoodless – carrera marble basin

It can be super dramatic with large veining for maximum drama.

It can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. We have suppliers of amazing offcuts and slabs to create the look.

Didimon slab chosen for our client

I love marble because every piece you choose is unique. Every piece
of veining is different and it has a piece of the earth’s history in it.

It’s creates warmth as well as being contemporary.

And the lovely thing about marble being on trend is that it’s now easy to buy accessories that have marble detailing.

Saddle magazine rack | Noble & Wood

It’s democractic luxe.

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