4 steps to the perfect build

“Oh my!”

It’s a typical reaction when I show somebody the plans for a redesign of a room layout complete with a structural overhaul. It’s a telling reaction: exuding excitement and betraying nervousness in equal measure.

It feels like the point just before the point of no return. Are we going for it? Or are we playing safe?

Take some time. Make the right choice. But it’s important not to overplay the potential stress.

We believe designing your home is fun. And to keep that way you need to get the process between design concepts to finished interiors spot on: that means clear, written and structured.

2nd fixing bathrooms and plumbing

As some wise person said ‘Hold the Vision. Trust in the Process’. So here are some clear steps you need to take to stop yourself getting the “yips” and settling for second best.

    1. Contracting: Make sure you’ve a buttoned up team (designer, structural engineer, builder, architect) who, preferably, have some experience working together. You don’t want them all to be working in their own silos.
    2. Timeline: Create a joined up, detailed timeline of works which allows everyone to see when flooring needs to be on site, bathroom designs agreed, lighting plans finalised, tiles specified, colour schemes and hard finishes detailed for every room in the house. (You get the picture!) Our builders have project managers who’ve got this this covered.
    3. Chronology: Get clear understanding of what everyone is supposed to do and when. If you miss this simple trick you’ll have people working on square pegs and round holes in tandem. It’s all about order.
    4. Status Meetings: Hosting weekly site meetings might feel like a hassle. But they keep your team, timeline and chronology up-to-date, maintain project momentum, throw up issues before they turn into crises and, importantly give you a ‘guided’ tour of how each project milestone is progressing in ‘real life’.

    With these fundamentals in place, the process continues to feel like fun design rather than stressful build. We can use our meetings to focus on design development. Yeeahhhh!

    2nd fixing the lighting + electrical with the team

    We test out large sample paint colours from the proposed colour palette to see the rooms’ light conditions so clients can get a true sense of colour.

  1. Testing large format paint samples on site

    Put down floors samples – herringbone parquet, chevron, encaustic – to test and review. It’s so much easier to make the right decision when you’ve seen a space develop with the material in place. We can even mock up an actual kitchen from materials on site to help you visualise island dimensions! Doing it from printed or digital visuals is way harder.

    Bespoke kitchen design by My-Studio Ltd

    So the moral of the story is this: don’t get put off by a fear of structural work. But do spend a little bit of time finalising a process with a joined up team of expert and skilled contractors.

    Engineered herringbone floor expertly laid by our contractors

    Get that right and it’s going to be a fun path to the house of your dreams. Even if there is a skip sitting on it for a few weeks.

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