When it comes to interiors, can you commit?

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When it comes to interiors, can you commit?

This is a big question, because most people, when it comes to their interiors cannot commit, are afraid to commit.

What elevates interiors to another level, that gets the heart racing and engages the senses is an element of surprise, an element of commitment that isn’t afraid to break the rules.

People stop styling, layering, adding way to soon, so rooms feel half-arsed, half finished.

So my advice this Tuesday is commit – when painting a room dark, paint it ALL dark, including the ceiling. Black Calvados restaurant in Paris does just that and paints out the walls, floors and ceilings in dark hues. What this makes for is a dark, glamorous, all enveloping space.

When adding a stair runner, make it patterned, make it bold, run it the whole staircase. Commit.

When wallpapering a geometric, do the whole room, don’t stop at a feature wall.

For Baccarat project at Monocle magazine for London Design Festival we put silver birch tree trunks in the interior – it created a real element of surprise, stopped people in their tracks, made for a magical experience. It was committed.



Black Calvados restaurant, Paris


Kelly Wearstler stair runner

Kelly Wearstler stair runner

Clare Weeks


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