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Hello, it’s so lovely to be back. New York was fun, a little frenetic as everything moves up a gear, so it’s great to be back in London.

I don’t know if it’s because of New York’s driving, dynamic urbanism (with lack of green space) or the start of the amazing Chelsea Flower Show, but this week’s obsession at My-Studio is gardens and green spaces.

Our clients often ask us to advise on their garden designs and we work closely with some very creative garden designers in order to achieve a synergy between the interiors we design and our clients’ outside space.

As city spaces such as London grow and our lives become more hectic, ‘urban greening’ is becoming massively popular as clients look to their backyards to create a space in which to breathe.

We have a particular fascination with topiary juxtaposed with soft, natural planting and love how topiary gives great structure.

Layered topiary for structure

Layered topiary for structure

All gardens need a seated area for entertaining and this bench and table in soft wood is exquisite and beautifully echoes the horizontal fencing for a seemless look.

Seating , softly styled

Seating , softly styled

For urban gardens space is often restricted and flooring dominates. Choose your flooring well and you’ll extend your interior to the exterior and continue the architectural theme. We love this floor styled with cut outs for plants.

Stone flooring with cut outs

Stone flooring with cut outs

If a softer, relaxed, less structured landscaping is your thing, then take inspiration from the British countryside. This is a big trend at Chelsea this year and encourages recycling, reclaimed items and wilder planting. The garden designer Jinny Blom is the go-to for inspiration if this is your style, so pretty.

Relaxed garden styled by Jiny Blom

Relaxed garden styled by Jinny Blom

When the footprint of your garden is small be creative. We love this outdoor space with tropical planting framed by the exterior door. The owner has ingeniously installed a shower, imagine waking up to this every morning!

Tropical planting with outdoor shower

Tropical planting with outdoor shower

Our final tip is accesorise. Pots are great for plants as they give flexibility with layout as well as setting the style. So why not go for oversize, it will add drama in a small or large space. These giant urns are amazing.

Giant urns for drama and teture

Giant urns for drama and texture

Looking forward to landscaping our urban London garden this weekend, hope you feel inspired too.



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