Design classic – Chesterfield

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Design classic – Chesterfield

Sofas are tricky.

As key pieces they shape the look of your sitting room for the long term and so they need to look right, plus they must be comfortable (a seemingly impossible task for most retailers).

George Smith and Flexform make great sofas if you have the cash to invest, their quality is exquisite, and they are so comfy you won’t ever want to get off it.

One of my favorite sofa styles is the chesterfield for its depth and quiet edgy sophistication.

This one caught our eye from our American friends Canvas.

Chesterfield sofa Canvas

Deep seats, cosy back-buttoning and upholstered in velvet. Wouldn’t it be great if they came to the UK?

I’m lazing sleepily on mine now with a sheepskin, watching the American election results, not sure I will make it passed 3am.

More on chesterfields in a future post.

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