Modern parquet

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Modern parquet


Parquet floor can look elegant and edgy.

The 17th century French started it, Shoreditch House has it and now aficionados of contemporary luxe love it.

herringbone flooring

A chevron pattern scaled up using 1m long blocks can look really contemporary and luxurious.

Oak chevron

A painted herringbone in black or dark grey is extra glamorous.

Blk gloss herringbone

What I love about modern parquet is that it was once only available for the super famous and wealthy because the complexity of laying the individual parquet blocks was prohibitively expensive.

The new modern parquets are much easier to lay meaning that they are within reach for most interiors projects.

We have recently installed a simple mid-oak chevron floor for a family kitchen and it looks relaxed, lived in and luxe.

At My-Studio we have had great experiences specifying herringbone floors with Lassco for reclaimed, Walking on Wood and Absolute Flooring.

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