Warm metallics

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Warm metallics


We spent most of today sourcing FF&E for a residential project in West London. Our client is a minimalist, but loves warmth.

As a general rule of thumb, adding anything with a bit of sparkle and shine gives some drama and lifts a room, like putting jewellery with a super cool outfit.

Go for gold rather than silver. It’s much much warmer, great for London November days.

These polished cubes will be amazing amazing amazing in our project, perfect as side tables or even as stools.

Birgit Israel cubes_polished_brass_450

These polished brass side tables are from Birgit Israel. For a fab high street alternative try the Martini table at West Elm.

Clare x


  1. Couldn’t agree more. Just finished painting my kitchen dark grey and the adjoining room fossil. Totally transforms a large unwieldy space.

  2. I totally agree. The dark side is always amazing, but especially in winter when you can cosy down and get the tea and fairy lights on by 4. I love what you have done with your sitting room, in particular the reindeer skin, mine arrived last week, all very Scandinavean and adds to the general Christmas vibe.

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