How to buy art

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How to buy art


Art can transform your interior.

Whether your thing is Pop Art or English landscape, hanging a piece of art can really set the tone of your room and lift it to a whole other level. So where do you start?

How do you feel at the thought of ‘buying some art’?

Most people think snooty, intimidating galleries where everyone looks at you when you walk in, hefty price tags, or ‘I don’t know where to start looking for the right thing’, resulting in total fear of making the wrong purchase at the wrong price.

Interior designers know how to buy art and can get you the very best deal. So today’s blog from My-Studio London towers will share our top tips on how to buy the coolest art from the right people at the best price.

Go to auctions and markets

I have found the coolest pieces at auctions and flea markets – our favourite is Sunbury, west London. You can pick up amazing art for very little and then spend the money you save on edgy original framing with a local framer.

New blood

Buy early in an artists career – is a great site. Plus, you will get a great deal and find yourself well ahead of the crowd.

Buy large

Buy large pieces. As big as you can, as big as you dare. Oversizing your art immediately lifts the look to a grander, more exciting, expensive vibe. And it’s an easy way to add colour.

Buy prints

Buy prints – limited edition in small print runs are best, as they increase in value as soon as the run is sold. Prints are an accessible entry to the art market making it easy to buy on a smaller budget. I always find amazing things at Sims Reed, Art for Sale, TAG Fine Artists or Saatchi.

Employ an interior designer or stylist

If you do decide to splurge and hit the top galleries, get your interior designer to help you. They know the dealers and the best galleries for your budget and taste.

Buy what you love

But most of all, whatever you buy, buy what you absolutely love. You have to look at it every day, so trust your instinct as well as keeping in mind our tips.


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